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About Reiki

The following is everything about Reiki as believed by Reiki practitioners from Waskita Reiki Natural Healing Center foundation. Practitioner from other organizations may have different view and beliefs.

The meaning of Reiki

  • The word “Reiki” comes from Japanese language.
  • Rei means nature or universe
  • Ki means the force of life or mental power
  • Thus Reiki can mean the force of life that comes from nature, or it can also mean as mental power that exists universally.

Brief history of Reiki

  • Reiki healing method found its root from the healing method prevailing at the Himalaya mountain range, specifically on the plateau of Tibet. In Tibet, the original healing method is known as G’tumo (some people write it as gTumo).
  • G’tumo has been known in Tibet sinje the era of the Tubo dynasty, before the era of Dalai Lama, yet initially the utilization was sporadic and there’s no standard practice.
  • During the reign of the 5th king, Songsten Gampo (6l7-698 A.D.) who married princess Wen Cheng of China’s Tang dynasty, many recording and standardization process were conducted in the area of medicine and healing methods.
  • Some of these records was sent to China.
  • After the spread of Buddhism under the guidance of Padmasambhawa which came from India (8th century A.D.), G’tumo was incorporated into religious rituals and monopolized by Buddhist monks (now called Lama).
  • Practice and application of G’tumo was "adjusted" with Indian style. The records regarding these activities of Padmasambhawa was sent to India.
  • For centuries, this healing method was used only in the circle of Buddhist monks, until around the year of 1914 when Mikao Usui of Japan managed to master some of this healing method and simplified it.
  • The result of his simplification was named Reiki
  • In the year 1922 he opened a clinic at Harajuku in Tokyo and began to teach Reiki to the Japanese people. From then on he was known as Usui sensei, which some people misinterpreted to mean that he was a medical doctor.
  • One of Usui’s most famous disciple was doctor Chujiro Hayashi.
  • Chujiro Hayashi further simplify the technique of Reiki and stressed the importance of hand positions while the original Reiki stressed the intuition of the energy itself.
  • Reiki resulted from the simplification of Hayashi is nowadays known as Reiki Usui, while the Reiki method taught by Usui himself is considered as Tibetant Reiki
  • At the hands of Hayashi, the teaching of Reiki was still limited to Japanese people.
  • In the year 1930 Hawayo Takata, an American born Japanese woman came to Japan and fell sick there. Because she has given up on medical treatment, she came to Hayashi’s Reiki clinic and after some time, she recovered fully.
  • She managed to talk Hayashi into teaching her Reiki to the Master level and she then went on to simplify attunement method and added several things that became the beginning of Western Reiki
  • In Indonesia, Reiki began to be known around the year 1997 – 1998.
  • The spread of Reiki in Indonesia is mainly done through foundations.
  • Some of Reiki pioneers in Indonesia :
  • Reiki G’tumo (Tibetant) by Waskita Reiki Natural Healing Center Foundation
  • Reiki Dummo (mix of Tibetant and Western) by Padmajaya Foundation
  • Reiki Usui by Reiki Indonesia Foundation dan Mahameru Foundation.
  • Neo Zen Reiki (Western Reiki) by Adnan Khrisna

Styles of Reiki

Today, there are tens or maybe even hundreds of Reiki styles around the world; this is mostly caused by the masters who always want to be different from the others, so that whatever instructions they received, some things are added into it and then it is patented as a new sect name. Some of the existing sects, among others:

  • Reiki Karuna
  • Reiki Shakti
  • Reiki Madya
  • etc

Reiki G’tumo which is spread by Waskita Reiki always strive to dig deeper into the history of Reiki in Tibet and adjust the knowledge in accordance to newly discovered facts.

Benefits of Reiki

Why learn Reiki?

  • Human in this modern era is vulnerable to many illnesses, especially the ones caused by stress.
  • Reiki is able to overcome stress and heal illnesses which are caused by stress.
  • Reiki can also heal ilnesses which cure is not currently available in western medicine, such as cancer and asthma.
  • By learning Reiki, not only capable of healing oneself but also capable of healing family members and other people.
  • Having Reiki as an ability also boost confidence and mental stability.

Reiki’s action

Reiki act in a very simple way

  1. Energy center (chakra) located above human’s head attract free energy around it (just like breathing, except that in this case it is not air but energy).
  2. This energy is then absorbed by the body, partly used as neuro transmitter and partly used to rejuvenate weakening cells.
  3. When sufficient energy has been absorbed, the attraction of energy will stop automatically; this also applies when energy is being drawn for the purpose of transferring it to others.

Reiki initiation

  • Initiation or attunement is the term used in Reiki to describe the process of energy tuning.
  • In Reiki initiation process, energy in the chakras of the receiver is tuned so that it can attract Reiki energy. Aside of that, the energy path encircling the backbone is also cleaned so that Reiki energy can flow within the body. This path is also called Sushumna, which consists of the hot path (pinggala) and the cold path (ida).
  • Initiation process provides the receiver the ability to attract and transfer Reiki energy but the quality and quantity depends on individual dilligence to practice and heal.
  • Initiation is conducted one on one and direct (no distant initiation)

Levels in Reiki

  • Level I (Novice practitioner) can heal oneself and other from short distance. Chakras activated for healing are the Crown Chakra, Ajna, Throat and Heart.
  • Level 2 (Advanced practitioner) can heal from long distance. Additional Chakras activated at this level are Solar Plexus and Sex. Kundalini activation reaction also takes place.
  • Level 3 (Personal mastery) can heal using programming technique. The base Chakra is activated and can heal without using the hands.
  • Master, is only provided to those who are willing, able and dedicated in teaching and conducting Reiki initiation.




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